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Rooted in Care

At Permatierra, we cultivate a community dedicated to compassion, equity, creativity, and environmental stewardship. We are proud to offer a unique experience that goes beyond just selling houseplants, eco-friendly products, and pet care needs. With a mission is to celebrate community and care for the earth, we gift free plants to people of color, support local artists, and empower community by teaching workshops and hosting climate action events.


When you come and explore our shop, you surround yourself with the beauty of nature, support local artists, and join us in the collective effort to protect our environment! Together, let's grow a more enjoyable, creative, and regenerative future.

"Learning how to care for plants invoked being cared for."

Green Plants

Deepened Relationships

Our plant dreams started in 2020 when we launched Potted Peace Project in an effort to support people of color in Denver, CO. The project grew quickly and touched the hearts of many! In the first year alone we gained 2k followers on Instagram and gifted plants to over 200 people! As the project grew, we found the need for more space and support, thus Permatierra was born. Potted Peace Project is now housed within our shop and we continue to gift free plants to people of color. 


In addition, we proudly showcase the work of local artists who share our passion for nature and creativity. We feel the creative expression of marginalized communities as the heartbeat of the world, and we recognize the invaluable contributions of artists. By featuring their stunning artwork, we aim to support and uplift their talent, creating a platform for them to showcase their unique perspectives and artistic expressions.


But it doesn't stop there. We are dedicated to creating a greener future for all. As community members of Shared Ground, a local climate and community resilience sanctuary, we collaborate with others to host climate action events and workshops to provide an opportunity for individuals to come together, learn, and take action towards a more habitable world. From practical tips for reducing our carbon footprint to understanding the importance of biodiversity, our workshops empower participants to make a positive impact on our planet.

We're also huge animal lovers and experienced pet care professionals. Nestled in a private room at our shop, Doggy Downtime offers expert dog grooming services and eco-friendly pet care. We are happy to offer a wide range of grooming services, as well as a selection of eco-friendly pet products that are both safe and effective. Our experienced professional dog groomer is dedicated to providing the best possible service and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your furry friend.

Come in to say hello, shop, and join the community!

Meet the Owner

An ecofeminist thirst trap, underground event planner, and land-based community organizer

We take pride in being an inclusively queer, black woman-owned small business!


Kēnya Stoute

Owner, founder, and steward

As an earth and animal lover, Kēnya developed her deep relationship with nature due to a difficult childhood. The earth has always been her sanctuary and the animals her siblings. In an effort to give back to the nature for always supporting her body, mind, and spirit, Kēnya has dedicated her life to caring for her children, animals, and her community by tending land.


14+ years parent

10+ years pet care professional

5+ years urban farmer and landscape designer

3+ years community organizer and event curator


As an impact driven business, we rely on our community and partner with organizations to support us in many ways. Learn how you can become supporter or partner today!

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