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Green Plants

A History of Relationship

In 2020, the owner of Permatierra launched Potted Peace Project in an effort to support people of color in Colorado. In the first year alone we gained 2k followers on Instagram and gifted plants to over 300 people. As the project grew quickly, as did our need for space and financial support! Permatierra began as the dream of running a business to support a project with such a big impact.

In 2022, the owner of Permatierra immersed herself in a climate and community resilience sanctuary, Shared Ground, as a core steering committee member. She soon moved Potted Peace Project into the building Shared Ground occupied; a former church in Denver's highly gentrified Northside neighborhood. As she and the community reclaimed space by gathering to host events focused on the needs of the earth and people, such as clothing swaps, community potlucks, black art markets, queer open-mic nights, solstice celebrations, seed saving workshops, and botany classes, the spirit of the colonizer displaced the people yet again. 
But, this step "backward" only inspired two steps forward...

After connecting with an abundance of talented marginalized artists, passionate land stewards, and intelligent activists, a lease for a cozy little commercial unit with just enough space was signed in December of 2023 and Permatierra was birthed. Potted Peace Project, and the art of the marginalized are now housed within Permatierra and we continue to gift free plants to people of color. Even more, Permatierra encourages society to recognize the creative expression of marginalized communities as the heartbeat of the worldWe also continue to embody the dream of Shared Ground by providing opportunities for community building by bringing people together to learn, take action towards a more habitable world, express themselves, and share resources.


It's important to note is that without the support of animals, and specifically dogs, none of this would have been possible. As a teen mother, the owner of Permatierra and founder of Potted Peace Project leaned on her love of these special creatures to guide her and her children away from abuse and into the arms of the earth and the safe, loving community she found in Colorado. At 17 years old, she started Doggy Downtime as a pet care service to support her self and child. The little business led to a deepened skill in handling a variety of animals and understanding many dog breeds. This path presented the opportunity to study canine behavior in Denver where the owner and founder continued to gain certifications in animal reiki and mastered the art of dog grooming. With a uniquely gentle touch rooted in care for creatures, people, and the planet, inter connectedly, Doggy Downtime opened as a brick-and-mortar business in Denver which ran successfully until closing due to the pandemic and the owner's pregnancy of her second child. Denver's first eco-friendly 1:1 dog groomery reopened in 2024 and is now happily nested within the walls of Permatierra.

Rooted in Care

At Permatierra, we cultivate a community dedicated to compassion, equity, creativity, and environmental stewardship. We are proud to offer a unique experience that goes beyond just selling houseplants, eco-friendly products, and pet care needs. With a mission is to uplift community and care for the earth, we gift free plants to people of color, support local artists, and empower community by teaching workshops and hosting climate action events.


When you come and explore our shop, you surround yourself with the love of nature, you support local artists, and you join the collective effort of liberation! Together, let's grow a more enjoyable, creative, and regenerative future rooted in care.

"Learning how to care for plants invoked being cared for."

Meet the Owner

An ecofeminist thirst trap, underground event planner, and land-based community organizer

We take pride in being an inclusively queer, black woman-owned small business!


Kēnya Stoute

Owner, founder, and steward

As an earth and animal lover, Kēnya developed her deep relationship with nature due to a difficult childhood. The earth has always been her sanctuary and the animals her siblings. In an effort to give back to the nature for always supporting her body, mind, and spirit, Kēnya has dedicated her life to caring for her children, animals, and her community by tending land.


14+ years parent

10+ years pet care professional

5+ years urban farmer and landscape designer

3+ years community organizer and event curator


As an impact driven business, we rely on our community and partner with organizations to support us in many ways. Learn how you can become supporter or partner today!

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