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Our Impact on People and the Planet

Tropical Leaves


"Potted Peace has always been such a sanctuary for my mental peace, they always leave you feeling like you have a place to belong that only people who look like you can get into. That’s such a rare thing to exist these days and I love every moment I can co-exist with the plants I’ve gotten. I’ve learned so much about my self care and creating a safe and healthy environment for myself and for the plants. Thank y’all for everything that you do Potted Peace Project!!"


"It felt wonderful to create space to give back with plants. I know how healing plants are and was ecstatic when they were able to be apart of a self care party I hosted."

Image by Ira E
Green Plants


"I love plants and have been working to grow my collection. I’ve been wanting larger plants but they’re always outside my budget! When I found out y’all were giving away all these plants I had to go get one and when I recieved the largest one I literally felt like I hit the jackpot! I’m looking forward to having this plant for years to come and I’m so grateful"


"It was such a joy to receive a plant from the Potted Peace Project! It felt like such a gift to the spirit to be given something so beautiful to put in my home. Thank you!"

Fern Leaves

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