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Site Under Construction

Retail location opening Dec. 15th!

6494 w 44th ave, Wheat Ridge CO

Welcome our new site! As you can see, it's currently under construction but feel free to watch us as we work.

In the meantime, you can email to donate plants to Potted Peace Project <3 thank you!


A plant and pet boutique with a purpose.

Permatierra is more than just a local plant shop.

We're a resource for people who care about animals, community, and eco-friendliness. We believe that access to nature and creative expression is a fundamental human right, and humanity has a moral responsibility towards ethical land stewardship. Therefore, we gift free plants and seeds to People of Color, collaborate with local artists, and offer the highest quality pet care and earth-safe products. We also teach workshops and host events focused on earth care, pet care, and community resilience. Come in for a regenerative shopping experience and connect to help us make the world a better place!

Cute Dog


We offer dog grooming and earth friendly pet care products!

Remember Doggy Downtime; the cutest, Black woman-owned, low-waste and plant-based dog groomery in Denver? Well, it's back! Now nested within Permatierra, Doggy Downtime provides full-service grooming appointments, walk-in nail trims and sanitary grooms (face, feet, and fanny).


Want to treat your pet to something extra special? Pick up or order a deliciously allergy-free doggy treat or birthday cake, baked with love for your pooch by a local Black queer artist. We also sell eco-friendly pet care products, such as biodegradable shampoos, cleaners, and waste  bags. Drop by to let us help you care for your pet and the planet.


We are impact and community-driven!

Permatierra is committed to being a positive force in our community, both through our merchandise and our actions. We know that plants make a huge impact on our lives, so we offer a diverse selection of plants, eco-friendly gifts, and products to help people bring the beauty of nature into their lives. We also believe in the power of mutual-aid, so we partner with community-led organizations to provide plants, funding, space, and other resources to help them achieve their goals. Join us in our mission to make the world a habitable place for ours and future generations.

By shopping at Permatierra, you are supporting communities and organizations taking action in social and climate crises!


About Us

A proudly Black, woman-owned business!

As a black woman-owned business, we utilize our culture and ecological knowledge to empower our customers to live more consciously. We believe in humanity's ability to have a positive impact and are especially committed to providing People of Color with opportunities to re-experience nature.


Aside from our curated selection of houseplants, we also host educational workshops, sell local art, and offer compassionate pet care products and services. Our goal is to inspire wellbeing, reconnection, and regenerate the Earth through the power of community. Come in to shop or attend an event, and let us help you find the perfect gifts and plants for your space.

Retail Hours

Event Hours

You Can’t Plant Flowers If You Haven’t Botany!

Don't Leaf Without a Smile

Wednesday-Friday: 10am-2pm
Weekends: 10am-5pm

Wednesday-Friday: 10am-2pm
Weekends: 10am-5pm

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